Cinque Terre

What a place! I’m sure anyone who has been would agree.

We did day trips from Pisa on the train which takes about 1 hour and 15mins to La Spezia and doesn’t cost too much. We had only planned on going for the 1 day so we didn’t think to book accommodation in Cinque Terre… We ended up going 2 days in a row because the weather was so hot.

My favourite village is Manarola. We sat on the boat ramp and jumped (I climbed down) into the ocean off the rocks. We just floated there for quite a while, and because the sea is extra salty it makes it easier to float.

We caught the train between all the villages and swam in each spot. Each village is so different, yet all very similar.


The first stop on the train from La Spezia. A steep street of seafood restaurants and fish and chip shops that leads down to a small boat harbour. We went around the headland to a more secluded cove filled with large stones. Most of the stones had a bit of moss of them which made it very slippery getting into the ocean.


The next stop on the train. My favourite village of the 5. We swam here for most of the day and watched people jumping off a very high rock. We ate at one of the little restaurants called La Scogliera which was delicious!


To be honest, we didn’t really go to this village. We got off the train here and saw the climb up to the village and decided not to as we were already pretty tired from swimming all day… haha.


Canoli. Canoli. Canoli. I wish I had eaten more of these while I was there. Theres a little place called Gelateria Vernazza (creative name), and they have amazing canoli and gelato. This village also has a lot of focaccia, we got a pizza focaccia and sat by the harbour. This is also a great spot to watch the sunset!


The last village (or first depending on what direction you’re coming from). It is not as quintessential as the other villages, but still one of my favourites. Orange sun umbrellas line the beach, and feels like your on a resort holiday. So naturally we joined in and put our white British/Australian skin in the sun (with loads of sunblock).


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