*Warning* This may have become a very long post, my bad…

Also, my blog will be all out of order in the way that I post things as I go through my hard drive finding images. I mainly wanted to post my Scotland images now as I lost basically ALL of my raw images. I had a few edited photos backed up, but that’s all I have now. (And on second thoughts I actually have quite a lot of edited photos saved thankfully).

At the start of the year a friend and I went on a road trip up to Scotland.

Our itinerary:
– Edinburgh
– Glencoe
– Portree (Isle of Skye)
– Glencoe
– Glasgow

We left London quite early in the morning and drove up to Edinburgh; our first stop.

We spent a couple of nights there just wandering around the city and fuelling up on baked potatoes.




And not to forget Brew Lab Coffee


After spending some time in Edinburgh we then headed for Glencoe. We stayed in a very cute Airbnb right on the lake

We were very excited to be in the snow and the mountains – this was the highlight of the trip – basically why we even went!

I would recommend anywhere in Glencoe for taking photos. We stopped along the road so many times. It was also great having a car to drive around Scotland in, I would recommend to anyone to get a car.
A few years ago I went to Edinburgh and had done a few one-day tours into Glencoe – it’s alot of driving and not much stopping. So having the freedom to stop whenever we wanted was ideal.




After Glencoe we headed up towards Fort William and Fort Augustus. We did the classic Loch Ness thing that everyone does when they go to Scotland. No sightings of Nessy on this occasion.


What is technically a 3 hour drive from Fort William to Portree, took us the whole day to get to. Stopping every few minutes to get out and take photos of incredible landscapes we saw on the way.



We finally made it to Portree after a long day of driving. The town of Portree was cute – but small and not a lot was open when we arrived in the afternoon.
We spent 2 nights here so the next day we went out and drove to Quiraing, Neist Point & we did Storr the following day.
We also met some fun cows along the way 🙂


Portree was our last stop up north before heading back home. We wanted to drive back through Glencoe again and go to Glen Etive, and after a week all the snow had melted and it was like driving through a new part of Scotland again.

And of course we stopped at Glenfinnan too to catch the Hogwarts Express.


If you got this far, congratulations and thank you! Now go enjoy your life while I reminisce a bit more on this trip.

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