Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia are all part of the Tricity in Poland. We visited all three, so i’m starting off with Gdansk. 

We are very lucky to have a friend that is from Gdynia. She recommended so many places (mainly food and coffee) and we loved them all! 

Where we stayed:
We stayed in a really nice Airbnb and because it’s Poland we could afford an apartment to ourselves. The location was perfect and the hosts let us check in a bit earlier and leave our bags after check out 🙂
I’ve linked the apartment here and would recommend to anyone!

A list of all the recommended places in Gdansk from our friend: 
Pierogarnia Mandu for all of the dumplings sweet or savoury. You can even see them making the pierogi when you walk in. 
Dancing Anchor  we didn’t get the chance to go here, but it looks and sounds amazing. 
Krowarzywa a vegan burger place! 
Pankejk I think this is one of those chain style restaurants but either way, they make pancakes! And I like pancakes 🙂

Things to do:
My favourite thing to do when I visit a new city is to just wander round with no plan and take all of the photos. So that’s exactly what we did, with food breaks obviously.. 

We also visited the Museum of the Second World War which I would highly recommend. We visited in the afternoon as it was getting dark quite early and spent and hour or two here. We did leave feeling a little solemn though. 

Basically we just ate and drank most of the day to keep warm. 

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