Gdynia in the winter is another level of cold. The wind chill of the baltic sea gets to your bones.
We had a bit of a delay getting to Gdynia because the train station was taped off with police tape. No one could really tell us why, but eventually we got a train.

We had a few recommendations from a friend for Gdynia which i’ll list here:
– Serio / pizza
– Czerwony Piec / pizza
– Srodmiescie / burgers
– Karmink / burgers
– Falla Gdynia / vegetarian
– Lavenda cafe
– Neon street food bar / asian
– Fedde

But most importantly where to get the best polish doughnuts and coffee:
– Cukiernia Pączuś / doughnuts
– Stara Paczkarnia / doughnuts
– Tlok
– Black and White
– Cup & Cakes

I think on the day we went to Gdynia most things were closed. Unless everyone just closes in the winter time.

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